Turn any YouTube video into GIF

Have you always wanted to create a GIF, but didn’t want to download programs in order to create that animated cat image that you’ve always wanted? Well there’s good news for you.

A website has been created that allows you to turn any YouTube video into a GIF by simply adding the word “GIF” at the beginning of the url of the video you want to turn into an image. The word goes after “www.” and before “youtube.com”.

For example, www.youtube.com/link would now be www.gifyoutube.com/link. It’s that simple.

The web program isn’t associated with YouTube in any capacity, though it is one of the best ideas out there. That being said, don’t be surprised if, at some point, it stops working for a period of time. Also, this website doesn’t let you get too precise in terms of frame-by-frame capture.

Instead, it allows you to set the start time as well as the duration of the animated GIF. Those who want more control over the file would best be suited to look for a third-party program to get the job done.

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