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WWE rumors: WWE Network a huge success in Canada so far

Since the launch of the WWE Network here in the United States, the news has not been overwhelmingly good at all. However, for as much panic as there has been, many pointed toward waiting until they launched it globally in places such as Canada, and well, those people may have been right.

According to Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer, the Canadian launch has been nothing but a huge success so far, and it has even succeeded the company’s expectations to this point.

Now of course, as we learned a few weeks ago, the WWE Network in Canada is provided a little differently, as they teamed up with Rogers Communications to provide the channel as a premium network. Here in the United States, the WWE Network is only available through a streaming service.

Nonetheless, this is huge news for the company. Since February, there has not been one bit of good news, and that definitely includes the enormous amount of money WWE lost because it sort of bombed to begin with.

However, if they can keep getting results like this globally, then things could be headed for a very quick turnaround in the near future. You have to spend money to make money, so WWE is going to be a little patient with this venture.


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