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AAA TripleMania outdraws WWE SummerSlam on Sunday

This past Sunday night was a big night in the wrestling industry. Not only was it time for WWE SummerSlam, but the AAA promotion also put on their TripleMania event, which featured the return to the company of former WWE star Alberto Del Rio, who had just been fired from WWE a few weeks ago.

Well it seems there was just as much interest, if not more, in AAA’s event and the return of Del Rio as there was for SummerSlam and the bout between John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

According to a report from WrestleZone, as far as attendance,TripleMania actually outdrew SummerSlam.

The 22nd annual AAA TripleMania event in Mexico City on 8/17 was a legitimate sellout, with an estimated 21,000 fans on hand. The announcement of Alberto del Rio (El Patron) making his return, and a teased appearance of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio added a lot of anticipation to the show, adding to an already strong card that packed the house last Sunday afternoon.

In comparison WWE SummerSlam, which went head-to-head with TripleMania on PPV and iPPV, had an announced attendance of 17,537. To be fair, WWE packed the Staples Center to max capacity, about the same as they did in 2013.

Now as the report states, you have to be fair when comparing the arenas. However, this is still good news for AAA, as they look to make their mark in the United States. If people can see on TV that they draw interest, it only benefits them in the end.

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