Fox tries to eat man's GoPro camera

Don’t people know that you shouldn’t lay your camera down in the mild of the open wilderness? Especially when it’s a camera as expensive as the GoPro.

However, that’s exactly what a man on a nature trip did during is expedition to Round Island, Alaska this summer.

He made the trip in order to film wildlife in the area, and decided it was a good idea to set his GoPro camera on the ground with hopes of getting some closeup shots of a fox that was nearby. What happened next was probably not what the man had in mind.

The fox found the camera, and decided it was best to take it for himself. It then managed to tear up the GoPro pretty well, ripping off some pieces off the front of the camera as well as doing some damage to the lens.

When the man found the camera and chased the fox away, he realized the GoPro was still in working condition, and he grabbed some excellent, unintentional, footage of the animal trying to eat the camera.

So get ready, you’re about to get a detailed look inside a fox’s mouth.

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