Infamous developer Sucker Punch experiences layoffs

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Sucker Punch, the Sony owned studio that is most well-known for developing the blockbuster title, Infamous, has experienced an unknown number of layoffs according to a report.

Sucker Punch has most notably been the development team behind the Sly Cooper series along with Infamous.  Infamous Second Son, the PlayStation 4 title, was their latest project.

In IGN’s report, Sony Computer Entertainment America released a statement that confirmed the news of the layoffs.  Although confirmation has taken place, no details were released in regards to the numbers or magnitude of said layoffs.

At Gamescom this last week, Sony broke the news that over 10 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold to consumers.  Infamous Second Son, one of the must have titles on the system, quickly raced to 1 million units sold.

Infamous First Light, DLC slated for Infamous Second Son, releases next week on August 26.

Although Sucker Punch is a highly regarded developer and has a strong track record of doing great work on games, there is a larger issue working against them.  Though Sony’s gaming division has been keeping them afloat and thriving, the company as a whole posted $1 billion in losses for their recent fiscal year.

The fact of the matter is that when the brand is struggling to that extent, cuts are going to be made across the board.  While the numbers aren’t likely going to result in any sort of shutdown for Sucker Punch, it stands to reason that the studio is probably not in the midst of anything big at the moment.

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