Verizon launching app store

Verizon is getting set to take on Google head on.

According to a report by The Information, Verizon is preparing to launch its own mobile app store as a way to compete with the Google Play store on Android devices. This is, apparently, Verzion’s response to Google cutting back on the revenue share that goes to carriers with app sales.

“The company hopes to create a different kind of app store, one that would let software developers to take full advantage of specific features of wireless-carrier networks while also offering consumers new ways of discovering the mobile software they might want,” The Information reporter Amir Efrati states. “The store would be for devices powered by Google’s Android operating system, which are used by about a billion people around the world.”

The report also adds that Verizon would use individual user data like various social media applications as well as a user’s location to recommend relevant apps for that person.

There are no details regarding a release date for the Verizon app store, but it is expected to launch in the near future. That being said, does Verizon really think it can convince users to not use the Google Play store on their phones?

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