Youth Olympics shooter oversleeps, misses medal opportunity

The Youth Olympics are currently underway in Nanjing, China, and it is an opportunity for a number of youngsters around the world to get a taste of glory in their sport.

Unfortunately for one athlete, that chance was blown because of a little extra shut eye.

Polina Konarieva of the Ukraine was supposed to compete in the 10mm air pistol team shooting event on Thursday, but she overslept and was late to show up. As a result, Konarieva and her male teammate, Ion Aric of Moldova, missed an opportunity to medal at the Youth Olympics.

As you would expect, Konarieva was very upset and emotional about missing out on that chance.

“I don’t know what to say to [Aric],” Konarieva said, via the Nanjing 2014 website.

Ukraine’s coach took responsibility for Konarieva failing to show up on time in the report.

“She was sleeping and woke up at 8 o’clock and went to the station to get a taxi,” the coach said. “The driver didn’t know the road, but he said, ‘OK, I know, shooting range … no problem.’”

Aric was reportedly in tears and understandably angry at his teammate for blowing his opportunity.

“Yes, there was a lot of emotion,” Aric said. “Why she was late, I don’t know why. … She is not responsible for her action. I’m a little angry.”

You have every reason to be upset, Mr. Aric.

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