You can buy an Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween costume (Photo)

Every time there is a social media fad there is seemingly a Halloween costume not that far behind.

Case in point, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has overtaken Instagram, Vine and Twitter can now be replicated come Halloween thanks to a costume from Yep, just what you wanted to dress up as this year – a person pouring fake ice and water all over yourself.

Talk about jumping the shark.

While it’s extremely nice to see that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has created an immense amount of extra funding and awareness for the foundation/disease, I’m guessing the original idea wasn’t to have the challenge ‘mocked’ by a Halloween costume. That said, all press is good press, right?

As for the costume itself, it’s as expected. You get a bucket and a sheet which looks to be falling water with ice cubes that resemble something of a condom wrapper glued on the sheet. It’s not exactly the most creative or authentic looking costume, though in fairness replicating ice cubes and falling water isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks.


In addition the Ice Bucket Challenge costume comes with an ice cube tray along with a bucket that you place over your head. However, the bucket does not appear to be attached to the costume so it would seem that you’d need to carry the bucket over yourself all night which doesn’t sound very fun (my arms are tired at the thought). On the plus side you totally have a built-in candy bucket, so chew on that jealous children.


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