The Simpsons producer reveals series finale idea

The Simpsons are actually relevant an popular again as their 12 day every episode marathon is giving folks some serious nostalgia. That nostalgia is likely to wear off once the marathon gets into the post-2002 episodes where things went way downhill way fast, but The Simpsons are reminding people why the show was such a cultural hit back in the 90s.

As part of the marathon, The Simpsons are asking fans to interact on Twitter with each other and the official account of the marathon which has led to a lot of healthy debate. One question that was asked resulted in an answer from a series producer, who may have given insight into the series finale.

Al Jean responded to the question of how fans think The Simpsons should end, and his answer is actually pretty good.

It’s a pretty cool ending but it’s hardly what is going to happen. While The Simpsons used to be a touching and heartfelt show in a way, it’s razor sharp wit has dulled over the years to such a tremendous point that the series finale will likely be a sham.

Still, Jean’s idea is one of many great ways the show could end, and fans will need to realize that at some point in the next 5-10 years, the series finale of The Simpsons will indeed be happening.

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