Madden 15 digital release available at midnight

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If you are one of the eager sports gamers that can’t wait to get their hands on EA Sports’ Madden 15 at midnight but do not want to leave your home, you can hop online and purchase the digital release of the game.

While there was some concern about when the digital release will be available, you can currently hope on the PS4 and pre-order the game.

By pre-ordering, you receive $15 in Madden Ultimate Team content, so that is definitely an added bonus to the convenient way of purchasing your game.

The pre-load screen is also up, so you should be able to get the game ready in time to play right at 12 a.m. ET.

Unfortunately for those on the West Coast, you will need to wait an extra three hours to begin playing online if you are purchasing the digital release of the game.’s Ted Schwerzler, who reviewed the game, called Madden 15 the “smartest Madden yet.”

You can check out some of the comments from his preview below as you determine whether or not to pick up the game and you can read the full game review by clicking here.

Looking at gameplay, you will find where Madden 15 really sets itself apart from past versions.  With Madden 15, you are truly playing the smartest Madden yet.  Defenses act as though they have been coached for your game plan throughout the week, and finding the weak spot is truly a gratifying experience.  Whether looking for the gap in the run game, or targeting your receiver across the middle, the AI in Madden 15 is top-notch.

On the defensive side of the ball, the new tackling cone is not a big factor.  The new tackling system is well executed and performs well.  AI is also very noticeable across offensive players.  An Aaron Rodgers type quarterback now truly behaves and plays much differently than say a Geno Smith.  Defense has come to life, and getting a big stop is a gratifying experience.

The play call system has once again been revamped in Madden 15.  Gone is the three box style at the bottom of the screen, and in comes a more intuitive and interactive version of playcalling.  Your playbook is now a vertical three box option on the right hand side of the screen.  All of the traditional play call styles (ask coach, by formation, etc.) remain, and Community Playcalling is now introduced.

With Community Playcalling, as well as asking your coach, the playbook comes to life.  Small blurbs of information are given alongside each potential play call, allowing users some insight on the success or relativity of each play call.

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