Ricky Gervais with one of his usual faces at the Emmys (GIF)

If you follow actor and comedian Ricky Gervais on Twitter, then this moment from Monday night’s Emmy Awards will make all the sense in the world to you. If you don’t but you are familiar with Gervais’s work and his sense of humor, you still probably won’t be surprised by what happened.

Finally, if you do not even have an idea who Gervais is or what his humor is like, you will probably still get a chuckle out of this. Having been prompted by Jimmy Kimmel that he has a “TV face,” Gervais proceeded to do this:

If nothing else, you can always count on Gervais to be somebody who does not take himself too seriously. That was certainly true in this case, as he was still willing to click right into a pose that he often sends out on Twitter while in a tuxedo and surrounded by television’s biggest stars.

All this was missing was a bathtub and/or a glass of beer.

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