NHL 15 demo live now

EA Sports decided to use EA Access as the avenue that they would allow gamers to try out their highly coveted Madden 15 offering this year.  Unfortunately, that ended in quite the debacle, after being only a six-hour trial in which many gamers weren’t able to access.  They have gone back to conventional methods with NHL 15 and the demo went live today.

On the PlayStation Store as well as the Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace, the NHL 15 demo can be downloaded immediately.  On the Xbox Marketplace, the demo will run just north of 2GB as its install size, it would be fair to assume the PlayStation Store version would be of similar capacity.

NHL 15 is set to be the first hockey game making its way to the current generation consoles from EA Sports.  The game has already drawn quite a bit of controversy however, considering the amount of content that has seemingly been left out of the action for current generation gamers.

On the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, EA Sports Hockey League will not be part of the experience out of the box, an unfortunate decision considering the popularity of the mode.

Despite the preorder cancellations and lost sales due to the exclusion of content on current generations, gamers should give the demo a try to let that further influence their purchase decision.  With some of the best graphics we have ever seen in a sports game, full list of game modes or not, NHL 15 looks poised to make a strong appearance on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Check out the demo today.

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