Dave Batista, surprisingly not gassed anymore. Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE rumors: Batista may not return to WWE after all

When Dave Batista left WWE a few months ago to go on his promotional tour for his Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it was considered a lock that the Animal would return this fall once all of the Hollywood hoopla was over. Even Batista himself originally stated that. Well, that might not be the case any longer.

Guardians received some rave reviews from throughout the Hollywood world, including how well Batista was in such a prominent acting role. So naturally, when you do well in anything, people will want you to do it more, which is why he may see some more prominent gigs come his way soon.

Therefore, a WWE return would be out of the cards, according to a report from WrestleZone.

When Batista left WWE months ago to begin media hype for “Guardians,” the plan was for him to return to WWE story lines once the media died down, which was rumored to be around SummerSlam time, but of course that did not happen. Backstage talk in WWE over the weekend and at Raw yesterday is that Batista might not be returning to WWE at all depending on future movie offers and the continued success of “Guardians.”

Of course, should this be the case, you really could not blame the guy if he has bigger opportunities in front of him on the big screen. With his age, that choice should be rather easy.

Will we ever see Batista in a WWE ring ever again? Yes, we probably will at some point. However, it just won’t be as soon as everyone had originally thought.

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