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NBC nixed suicide PSA following Robin Williams Emmy tribute

One of the more somber moments of the Emmy Awards this year was when Robin Williams was honored and remembered by his friend Billy Crystal.

It was a moving moment that was meant to be followed by a suicide PSA calling for attention to awareness of depression and urging those in need to get help. None of that happened though as NBC dumped out of the PSA spot and it never aired during the Emmy Awards.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision to dump out of the suicide PSA was due to the fact that the life of Robin Williams was being celebrated and not his death.

“Collectively we decided to celebrate the life of Robin Williams, not his death or, more to the point, the way he died,” said a network spokesperson. “The Emmys telecast is a celebration, and the ‘In Memoriam’ section of our show is an important one. We believe we honored Robin in the right away. Suicide is a serious issue, but we decided not to dwell on that — or its prevention — in this particular forum.”

The PSA indeed would have taken away from the moment but that was likely the point. After all, Williams did kill himself and he’s not the only person who has or has contemplated doing so. Suicide is a terrible side effect of depression and while the decision not to air the PSA isn’t a bad thing, it’s not a decision that will sit well with everyone.

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