College Basketball: 2014-15 ACC power rankings

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Mar 12, 2014; Greensboro, NC, USA; A general view of the opening tip in the first round of the ACC Tournament at Greensboro Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing the series of preseason college basketball power rankings, it’s time to move on from the SEC to one of the other Power-5 conferences who has traditionally dominated the college hoops landscape, the ACC.

ACC Power Rankings…in basketball. What a concept, right?

When you think ACC power, you think Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, and Syracuse. Those are the big four. Louisville enters the conference for the first time this season, and they make what was already a pretty tough conference an absolute beast to deal with.

But the ACC has a lot of scrappy teams other than those four giants who will also be able to grab some headlines, shake up a few worlds, and possibly even find themselves deep in the NCAA Tournament.

And like any conference, the ACC has its share of dogs. Teams that should just go ahead and wave the white flag now, because they’ll be lucky to make it out of the cupcake non-conference portion of the schedule without suffering some ego bruises.

Obviously, these predictions are all based on current rosters, what recruits the teams are known to have committed at this time, and any coaching changes that have occurred. The joy of any way-too-early prediction is that you can always say, “I told you it was way too early”.

Here’s a preseason look at how the ACC Power Rankings, as well as preparation for a lot of butt-hurt coming from fans of a few programs in this list.

(Records in parentheses are from 2013-14 season)

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