Destiny available for pre-download on Xbox One

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As we discussed yesterday, Destiny is going to be available for pre download on Xbox 360.  Today however, Microsoft confirmed that the must have shooter would be available for pre download on Xbox One as well.

With Destiny set to release on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 on September 9, gamers are clamoring for the quickest way to get their hands on the title.

Destiny is set to be a big part of the PlayStation repertoire in the coming months.  As we showed off yesterday, PlayStation is already touting all of their exclusive content.  After making Destiny an integral part of their E3 press conference, Sony is set to show off the next big game from Activision and Bungie.

For Xbox fans, although the exclusive content isn’t their, Destiny will still be a must buy experience, and the confirmation of the availability for pre-downloading the game is a great thing.  Gamers want to be able to hop into the experience immediately once it releases.

As the industry continues to trend more and more towards digital media, making the content the most user-friendly as possible is a must.  Acitivision, Bungie, and Microsoft are doing the right thing here.  Downloads can take quite a while for a large install, and Destiny looks like it will have just that.

Let us know how you feel about digital media and if you will be buying Destiny through an online download, or you will be picking up the game in stores on September 9.

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