Forza Horizon 2 has almost 150 tracks

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Forza Horizon 2 is set to come out for the Xbox One in a matter of months, and with as successful as the first game one, the hype surrounding the second title is as expected.  While the experience on the track is expected to once again be top-notch, gamers can now expect to cruise in style as well.  The song list for the game looks to be impressive in its own right.

BBC DJ Rob da Bank is taking charge of manning the Horizon Festival music again in Forza Horizon 2.  With the job being so well done the first time around, there is no reason to switch things up.

In Forza Horizon 2, there will be seven different radio stations for racers to choose from, the and track list contains nearly 150 songs.

The offerings come in at nearly double that of Forza Horizon, a truly impressive undertaking.  The music for the game will be unlocked progressively however.  Initially, there will only be three of the seven stations available: Horizon Pulse, Horizon Bass Arena, and Horizon XS (a new station for the FH 2), with the rest being unlocked throughout the game.

There will be stations devoted to both electronic music, as well as classical, so Forza Horizon 2 should have gamers covered across the board.  Forza Horizon 2 is slated to hit the Xbox One later this fall, and if history is to repeat itself, Microsoft has another must own racer on its hands.  Check out Forza Horizon 2 when it releases in the coming months.

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