Microsoft rolling out September Xbox One update

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While September is still a few days away, Microsoft is making sure to get a head start on things.  For gamers on the Xbox One, this appears to be a very good thing.  With the user interface experience set up as living technology, Microsoft is able to implement and tweak it constantly with new improvements.  Now, Microsoft has already started rolling out the September update for the Xbox One.

With the new Xbox One September update, gamers are now able to play content off of a USB device.  Doing so will also support a wide variety of formats.  Both DLNA and MKV support are expected to be available at some point later this year.

Some smaller tweaks are in allowing users to designate a party leader, start up the Xbox One straight to TV, enabling new features for SmartGlass, and a host of other options.

Major Nelson has talked more in-depth about what to expect from the September Xbox One update.  While nothing that is included is incredibly earth shattering, it is well worth noting that Microsoft is definitely making tweaks to the experience.  With functionality enhancements being added, as well as new features for SmartGlass, gamers have to be happy with what they see.

Personally, I still am not a fan of the Xbox One UI as it just seems so much less functional and user-friendly than that of the Xbox 360.  Things should be easily accessibly, and would be beneficial for Microsoft to make them as such.  Unfortunately, right now, it seems that too many things just aren’t.

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