Twitch viewers rival cable networks

So are you still in the dark as to why both Google and Amazon were tripping over themselves ready to buy Twitch?  Maybe you think it’s a bit crazy that a video game streaming service was just acquired by Amazon for just under $1 billion?  Well, the numbers backing the company appear to suggest otherwise.

Thanks to a recent New York Times article, it is apparent that Twitch is posting viewership numbers that would compete heavily with some major cable networks.  The article compares Twitch to prime time viewership on networks such as CNN, E!, MSNBC, TruTV, and MTV.  Lately, Twitch’s viewership has been roughly in the neighborhood of 700,000 concurrent viewers.

How does that rank you ask, well, those numbers are better than that of CNN (495,000), E! (565,000), and are starting to compete with MTV (773,000).

The article also notes that Twitch viewership has also doubled in the span of the past two years.  This all has taken place before the acquisition of the company by major tech player, Amazon.

Considering the fact that Amazon just purchased Twitch for $970 million, it is obvious that the company did its homework.  There is no way you make money like Amazon does by making bad, poor, or uncalculated business decisions.  Considering the exponential growth of Twitch as well as the success of the platform, it looks like Amazon may have actually gotten a steal.

Interesting to note that Twitch is really only considered a place worth visiting by gamers, so whatever that stigma may lend you to believe, the website and community are doing just fine.

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