Former WWE Superstar CM Punk and former Divas Champion AJ Lee. Photo Credit:

CM Punk and AJ Lee wedding picture (Photo)

As we all know by now, a few months back, former WWE superstar and current WWE Diva AJ Lee married one another in a ceremony that was about as private as can be. Well for the first time, a picture has surfaced from the day of the affair, and you can view that photo below.

It was well-known for quite some time that these two were dating, and word quickly spread that the two had wed during the time off that AJ took following her defeat at the hands of Paige the night after WrestleMania.

As everyone knows by now, the night after the Royal Rumble, Punk walked out on the company and has not been seen since. He reportedly had grown about as frustrated as can be with the creative direction and just decided that it was time to move on. He has been in the public eye a few times, but nothing wrestling related.

He has also been see in public with his bride, who currently still works for WWE, with her even helping him with his most recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

All things considered, Punk looks happy and healthy, which is something that everyone should be glad about, regardless of the circumstances surrounding him and his former employer.

Negativity should be thrown out the window, and you should wish nothing but the best for Punk and his bride.


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