Cleveland Browns 2014 season preview and predictions

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The Cleveland Browns are hoping to have a good season, for once, but there isn’t a lot of hope that this year will end in a playoff run. It doens’t have to though, as 2014 is all about growth. Cleveland drafted well this year, taking Justin Gilbert to fill their need in the secondary and most infamously took Johnny Manziel No. 22 overall.

Manziel won’t be starting but his presence has brought a lot of eyes to the Browns this summer and those yes may very quickly get board of what they see. But the Browns only care about winning, which is something the team needs to get back to in order to drag themselves out of this decade long slump.

It may be the defense that drags the Browns out of the depths of the AFC North and how fitting of an arrival would that be?

So how will the Cleveland Browns do this season and where in the AFC North will they end up? Click through to get a full season preview.

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