Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Gets Terrible Towel Tattooed On Arm [Photo]

The Pittsburgh Steelers fan base is one of the most loyal and well traveled fan bases across the country. Wherever the Steelers are playing, you will see a sea of yellow towels waving in the stands. ‘Steeler Nation’ has become a way of living for those in Pittsburgh and the Steelers have become a part of the fans personal lives.

One Steelers fan, however, can now claim his stake as the most passionate fan.

I was sent this image of a Steelers fans new tattoo which is the “Terrible Towel” on his forearm. This is one you have to see:

Unlike some fan tattoos, this one is actually really well done. It’s not a sports tattoo that you should be ashamed of — like this attrocity from a Steelers fan — but simply one that shows the pride of your favorite team. This guy won’t even need to take a towel to any Steelers games. He can simply just stand up and wave his arm in support.

If you have any other great fan tattoos, feel free to send them to me at with the subject “Fan Tattoos.” If the response is big enough, we will put together a top ten list of the best fan tattoos in all of sports. Start sending now!