NCAA Football 14: A Look at All Uniforms in the Game (Video)

In college football these days, it seems to be all about the uniforms. Thanks the Oregon Ducks and the fine folks at Nike, teams all across the nations are looking to outdo one another and have the flashiest uniform combinations in the country. While no one will be able to top the Ducks, there are plenty of impressive and admiral uniform combinations and they will now come to life in EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14.

A video released today that went through every uniform combination in the game. Since there are so many uniform combinations, the video is a whopping 35 minutes long. But hey, it is Monday, so you may as well check out what EA Sports has put together as you anticipate the games release and get a glimpse of some of the nice new threads in the game.

NCAA Football 14 will be released this July for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the video here of all the uniform combinations here and let us know if you actually make it the entire way through the video:

Which uniform combination is your favorite and what team are you looking forward to hitting the sticks with the most? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts.