Like Video Games? Like Giving to Charity? Check Out The Speed Gamers.

Final Fantasy is a property of Square Enix.

If you like video games, as well as giving to charity, you’ll love The Speed Gamers.

The Speed Gamers are a group of dedicated gamers who, a few times a year, play video games live on stream for days on end. Their marathons always vary, but typically cover a specific set of games. For example, this March, they played a 4 day long Mega Man marathon, and last December, they had a 3 day long Mario marathon. They even had a Pokemon marathon, with a goal of catching every Pokemon available. The marathon lasted a full week. During these marathons, viewers (typically hundreds or even thousands of them) can choose to donate. These donations lead towards humorous goals, such as a pie in the face of whoever is playing, or having them consume something disgusting (for example, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.) There typically is someone playing at all times, as well as someone commentating to keep things interesting. There really is never a dull moment during one of their marathons.

But, what is the best part about The Speed Gamers? Aside from being fun and entertaining, 100% of the donations from the marathon goes to charity. The Speed Gamers don’t take a cent for themselves, and the money goes straight to the charity. Since 2008, The Speed Gamers have raised an incredible $393,240.65 dollars for charity, and the charities they support are varied. For example, their most recent Mario marathon raised over $12,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Their most successful marathon to date has been their Pokemon marathon, which raised $59,324.36 for ACT Today.

Does this have you intrigued? The Speed Gamers are hosting a week long Final Fantasy marathon beginning tomorrow, June 24th, at 7:00 pm (Eastern time.) The Charity of choice will again be ACT Today, which focuses on autism care and treatment.

The Speed Gamers’ website can be found at , and features the stream itself, FAQ, Fan Art, a forum, information on marathons past, and more. The donation widget conveniently sits right above the stream.

Even if you’re unable to donate money to the cause, you can still help. When the time comes, check out the marathon, tell your friends, and post about it on social media. Every bit of exposure counts, and will lead to better lives for those helped by the charity, whether it’s children with autism, people affected by natural disasters, or abandoned pets.

The Speed Gamers’ marathons are fun, entertaining, and beneficial to those in need. If you’re a fan of video games, stop on by June 24th. I know I will.