NBA 2K14 releases player ratings for LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, more


In just about a month, NBA 2K14 will be released on both the XBox 360 and Playstation 3.

Like they’ve done for the past few years, the production crew releases player ratings prior to the games arrival on store shelves, trying to create some noteworthy buzz.

On the cover this year is LeBron James of the Miami Heat, who is ranked an obvious 99. That’s not exactly shocking considering his all-world talent and his involvement in the game. Outside of James though, a handful of fellow players around the league had their ratings released.

Below are the official released ratings for the following players:

In addition, there have been a handful of ratings which have been leaked, though, they’re not official so there’s no way to know just how truly accurate they are. The leaked player ratings are as followed:

Remember, this year the player ratings will fluctuate with real life performances on the court so when a player is in a cold streak, they will be in the game. The same goes for a hot streak, so ratings will vary all throughout the season.