‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 2 Recap ‘Blood Moon’

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Just when you think you are starting to get a grip on things, even more mysteries present themselves before you. Thus is the case in the little village of Sleepy Hollow.

This week’s episode was entitled Blood Moon.

We open up in a rather interesting dream sequence being had by Ichabod Crane.

Crane finds himself running for his life through the mist-filled woods in an attempt to break free from the unrelenting Headless Horseman. Suddenly, the Horseman is joined by three more beings atop steeds with glowing red eyes. Could they be the remaining Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Conquest, War, and Famine?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a very good chase scene if he didn’t get hung up at some point, right?

Ichabod finds himself being held up by a wall of thick, intertwined branches. Suddenly, the branches come to life and begin to entangle Mister Crane. He looks back to find that the Horsemen are getting a little too close for comfort. Just then, he is sucked into the ground by the branches that bound him.

Crane falls into an underground cavern where he sees his wife Katrina. She tells him of the mission that he has been charged with. She explains that the one he defeat on the battlefield, Death, has come back to reclaim the others and that they will be the bring with them the beginning of the apocalypse; however, before they can ride, and army of evil will make way for their arrival.

Before the Four Horsemen can ride, an army of evil will make way for their arrival. The first dark spirit rises with the Blood Moon. She’s one of us. You must stop her before she kills again.” Katrina says to Ichabod.

Talk about your cryptic messages! One of us; what does that even mean? Ichabod is just now finding out about his wife’s past, and now he is supposed to know what that means? Furthermore, before she kills again? Again? Who did she kill the first time? Oh, I do love a good mystery.

As Katrina disappears into the mist, Ichabod looks up through the hole he was brought underground through, only to find himself face to face with a woman with blackened skin and dirty hair. Suddenly, he is awakened from his dream, alive and well in a hotel room.

He tries to leave the room to speak with Lt. Mills; however, he is greeted at the door by a uniformed officer who informs him that he is not permitted to leave the room and that Lt. Mills would be there shortly. Visibly irritated, Ichabod slams the door shut.

We then flip over the Lt. Mills and Captain Irving having a spirited discussion at the station. They are going over the details of the events that have transpired when Irving informs her that the two officers who corroborated her story about the Horseman have since recanted their statements.

So much for Abbie not sounding completely insane, huh?

Abbie asks for an explanation of what happened to Brooks.

He was locked in a cell less than five minutes, yet somehow someone, something got in there and snapped his head backwards like a Pez dispenser.” Lt. Mills says to Captain Irving.

Captain Irving then takes Abbie into another room and shows her the video from the cell the night of Brooks’ murder. The scene plays out much differently than it did the night that Abbie and Ichabod walked in the cell. Abbie is adamant that this is not how this played out.

Irving asks the other officer to leave the room so that he may speak privately with Lt. Mills. Despite Ichabod being a witness to her version of the story, the captain informs her that no one will ever believe her because a psychiatric expert has diagnosed Crane with a mental disorder known as objective transference.

He tells her that he won’t be at the funeral because he has some business to attend to in Albany.

While I’m gone, I’m giving you some latitude, but I’m warning you Lieutenant…don’t embarrass me.” He says to her.

We now find ourselves back at Ichabod’s hotel room. After a knock on the door, Ichabod realizes that Abbie has finally made it to the hotel room. Ichabod is visibly upset about his confinement to the room. She informs him that this is the law and he needs to relax. “Here…have a donut.”

Ichabod tells her that he was visited last night by his wife Katrina. He explains to her that the new evil is about to present itself; however, she has some issues believing him. He is a little shocked that after all they have seen together that she is having issues believing what he tells her. She explains that she is doing all she can to hold onto not only her sanity, but her job as well.

Now we get to the interesting part.

The scene now flips to the city morgue. On the slab, we see a body bag lying motionless. Well, at least for a second. Somehow, Brooks has been resurrected. Stumbling around in a bit of a panic, he struggles to get to his feet. His head is still blown backwards as it was the night he died. He makes his way over to the mirror and finally gets a look at his head. Terrified, he is approached by the demonic figure, which rights his head.

The demonic figure speaks to him in a language that we do not understand. Suddenly, he falls to the floor as if he is choking. He removes an amulet from his mouth. The demonic figure then gives him an order.

Release who?” Brooks asks the demonic figure.

One would assume that the demonic figure is speaking of the witch that Katrina spoke of to Ichabod in his vision.

On the way to Corbin’s funeral, Lt. Mills and Ichabod have a rather spirit discussion about everything from witchcraft to the American taxation system. She tells him that unless he wants to end up back in the asylum that he needs to refrain from any public outbursts about witches, the revolutionary war, or donut tax outrage.

I don’t know…I think I am with him about the donut tax outrage.

All dressed up like nothing ever happened, we find Brooks getting into a police car. At this point, I am scared to ask what he is off to do.

While at Corbin’s funeral, we see a quick flashback of the night that Corbin died. Abbie is obviously sad at having to say goodbye to someone who she considered to be a friend. Ichabod looks on in the distance.

During the remainder of the proceedings, Ichabod pays a visit to his wife’s grave. It is there that he finally puts together that Katrina’s comment about the evil being “one of us” means that it is a witch that they are looking for.

Later that night, we see Brooks walking up to an ominous monument. He does exactly as he is told and resurrects the witch. He tells her that he was sent to help her find the people she needs, as well as to deliver a message.

The ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection. Take their flesh, and you will reclaim yours.” He tells the witch.

Next, we see Brooks in his police car pulling over a man named Jeremy Steven Firth. After a short exchange between the two, Brooks says something very ominous to Mr. Firth.

Wherever this road takes you, and it won’t be far, I want you to know it wasn’t personal.” Brooks says as he quickly walks away and drives off.

As Jeremy goes to drive away, he notices that not only will his car not start, but the lights begin to flicker, and the radio switches on its own. A more appropriate song could not have possibly began to play. Just then, the witch drops down on the hood of the car, strikes the windshield with her hand, and the inside of the vehicle bursts into flames.

I guess Brooks wasn’t kidding when he said it wouldn’t be very far.

Back at the station, Ichabod and Mills have a discussion about the finer points of witchcraft, the situation of which they are currently enthralled, and the true relationship between Corbin and Mills. She recounts the tale of the events that transpired after her and her sister came in contact with the demon, and how instead of just hauling her off to jail like he could have, Corbin gave her an opportunity to change her life.

Their conversation is cut short by a call. When Ichabod and Mills arrive on the scene, they see what is left over of poor Mister Firth. They find his destroyed vehicle, and his charred body inside. Ichabod inspects the body and finds that the body has a rather large whole in its chest cavity. Ichabod says that he has seen something like this before, and that he believes he knows who is responsible for the incident.

He recalls an incident before the war began. It was on the night of the blood moon. He described bodies reduced to ash all throughout the campsite. He said that at one time he would have dismissed this as superstition, but he could not deny what he had seen. Soon, there were talks of a dark coven. General Washington came to believe that this dark coven had been formed by a high priestess known as Serilda of Abadon. Lt. Mills says that while going through Corbin’s files she discovered that he believed that there were two covens in Sleepy Hollow, one good and one evil. So, they head to Corbin’s office to look deeper.

Unfortunately, Corbin’s files have now been transferred to the archives, and she does not have the clearance to get them. Even worse, Irving is not answering his phone. Crane tells her that he knows another way in.

After a short trip to the basement, which ended in Ichabod busting a giant hole in the wall, they made their way to their destination, albeit underground. After a short journey through the underbelly of Sleepy Hollow, they made it to their destination and found Corbin’s files.

As they dig through Corbin’s files, everything slowly starts to make sense. He tells Abbie that Serilda of Abadon was of Romany Greek (a.k.a. Gypsy) origin. Yes, Ichabod speaks Greek, among other languages. It seems that her fate was sealed by a good coven of witches known as the Sisters of the Benevolent Heart. Their leader used white magic to make Serilda vulnerable to mortal attack. The hunting party finally caught up to her in the woods around Sleepy Hollow.

In her last words, in Romany Greek, she gave the people of Sleepy Hollow a warning.

By the turn of the Blood Moon, the ashes of your ancestry will be mine. Their flesh will be my flesh. I will live again. She was then burned at the stake.

They then come to find out that Jeremy Firth was the descendent of the magistrate that sentenced her to be burned.

Now they must find out who she will attack next.

Back on the street, we once again cross paths with Brooks. This time, he has found a young boy by the name of Kyle.  Later that evening, Kyle was making his way down the stairs when he found the front foot wide open, and the witch standing behind him.

Upstairs in the tub, his mother hears a frightful scream. Downstairs, the witch has Kyle in her grasp.

As Kyle’s mother frantically runs down the stairs looking for her terrified son, Abbie and Ichabod arrive on the scene. She finds Kyle on the floor in the corner. He attempts to explain to her what he has seen, but she does not believe him. Ichabod asks her if anything had been removed from the shelf. She tells him that her husband’s urn is missing. He asks her if Kyle is the last remaining in the bloodline, but she informs him that Kyle was adopted, and that her deceased husband was the end of the bloodline.

Back in the car, Ichabod informs Abbie that in order for Serilda to be made whole, she must complete her resurrection before the setting of the Blood Moon, and to do so will need her bones. He tells Abbie that they will surely be in the tunnels with the other witches. They must stop her by burning her remains before she can complet the ritual, or she will be made whole once again.

In the tunnels, we see Brooks digging a whole. How does he always seem to get all of the lackey duties? Serilda stand by and watches as he works.

Just as Brooks comes upon her bones, Abbie and Ichabod make it into the tunnels. He can tell that she has already located her bones. They decide that they can cover more ground if they separate. Abbie hands him a firearm, and they take off in different directions.

The two of them come upon Serilda as she is completing the ceremony. Unaware of the use of modern firearms, Ichabod drops his weapon after firing only one shot. They both run from her after she avoids Ichabod’s gunshot without batting an eyelash.

When Serilda catches up to them, she begins to speak in Romany Greek. She tells them that it was Katrina who bound her powers. She said that Katrina’s spirit was held captive in the world between worlds, and that her fate had been sealed. While Serilda was executing her monologue, Crane ws organizing the crates of black powder that they had found previously. After running down the hallway to avoid the damage, Crane threw his lit torch onto the crates of gunpowder, causing an explosion that would burn any hopes Serilda had of her resurrection.

Ichabod now finds himself haunted by the theory that if Katrina’s spirit is indeed bound in the “world between worlds” that she may be able to be freed. With Ichabod off to get coffee, Abbie sees a vision of Corbin. She asks him what is going on. He tells her that she has to stop living in fear and embrace her fate. Then he tells her something that at the present time does not make much sense.

Don’t be afraid of the number 49. That’s where you’ll find you naholo.” He says to Abbie.

In the final scene of the episode, we see Abbie’s sister Jenny doing pushups on the floor in her institution. The nurse asks her if she has seen any monsters lately.

No ma’am. Not since I have been taking these.” Jenny says as she takes her medicine.

As the nurse exits, and the door closes behind her, Jenny takes the pill from her mouth and crushes it on the floor, blowing the dust away. As she goes about her business and starts doing pull ups in the corner, the lights start to flicker, and she is noticeably alarmed.

Every episode gives us just as many questions as it does answers. I guess this is what keeps us all hanging on to that burning question, “What’s next?”

What could it be that is after Abbie’s sister? Is it the demonic figure that has been haunting Abbie, or is it something equally as dark? I guess we’ll have to watch next week to find out.

Here is a look at the preview for next week’s episode.

Next week’s episode is entitled “For the Triumph of Evil…”

Sleepy Hollow airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.