Twitter reacts to Martin Biron retirement news

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Martin Biron might not be a known commodity to casual hockey fans, but those close to the game know how classy of an individual he is. Professional hockey is a tough business, and the demotion ax couldn’t have come down on a better person than Biron. There won’t be any parades in his honor. The New York Rangers won’t be holding a tear-jerking press conference. Instead, the journeyman goalie announced his retirement on Twitter.

A somewhat unfitting end to a lengthy professional career that spanned stints with four organizations and more than 500 games played.

The Buffalo Sabres drafted Biron 16th overall in 1995, and spent more than a decade in Buffalo’s system. He played in postseason games for the Philadelphia Flyers and was the backup in New York before promptly getting cut after back-to-back bad showing earlier in the season.

While his career didn’t end in a storybook fashion, Twitter erupted with support and congratulatory posts following Biron’s announcement.

Paul Peck has been covering sports in Buffalo for more than 25 years.

Ryan Miller obviously had plenty of time to get to know Biron while they were in Buffalo together.

Adam Proteau seems to think he knows what the future holds for Biron.

The positive messages go on for hours, and it’s awesome to see a quality person like Biron receive so much support in light of a lousy situation.