Miramax discusses possibility of a Pulp Fiction TV show

One of Miramax’s most well known films is Quentin Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction and the partnership announced today between Miramax and Weinstein Company has a lot of people wondering what films will be violated by the remake, reboot and TV adaptation plans that Miramax has for their past catalog.

The reason for this is almost as soon as the announcement was made, Miramax announced that Good Will Hunting would get at television series adaptation, Shakespeare in Love will get a sequel and so will the cult hit Rounders.

Tom Barrak Jr, who has held the Miramax catalog and is partnering with the Weinstein’s in the new deal that brings the brothers back to their original company, spoke about films that won’t be touched and Pulp Fiction was one that he mentioned as hands off.

Per Deadline:

“Sure, we own the intellectual property in the library, and most of the intellectual properties in development, but we didn’t have the art form. If I called Quentin Tarantino and said, I have a great idea how to do a Pulp Fiction TV series, chances are it would be a very short conversation,” Barrack told me. “The ability to take all these threads and sew them into a tapestry, is really the magic elixir. We’ve all decided it’s time for a quantum leap and that’s why we’re all together.”

That’s Barrack basically saying that even if a Pulp Fiction television series was proposed, it would be quickly shot down not by anyone involved with the new partnership, but Quentin Tarantino himself. Despite the fact that there’s plenty to the world Tarantino created in his 1994 classic, he’s probably the last filmmaker working today not looking to squeeze his movies for all their worth.

So while other Miramax films are getting sequels or adaptations, don’t expect Pulp Fiction to become anything other than a movie, and really the worlds much better that way.