Stephen King comments on Game of Thrones spoilers

If you are one of the “Game of Thrones” fans that has yet to catch up on season four, you may have already had the second episode, “The Lion and the Rose,” spoiled for you. Yes, SPOILER ALERT, King Joffrey dies, and the news has been all over social media.

That has led to some people complaining about the spoilers being discussed on social media, but that is part of the risk you take when using a public platform with people free to talk about anything they please.

If you are upset about spoilers being out there, don’t go to Stephen King for any pity.

King tweeted about the show, and quickly followed that up with some advice to those Twitter users that were upset he shared some important news from the show.

His advice is simple and incredibly accurate: If you don’t want spoilers, stay off the Internet or perhaps do some reading.



Brilliant, Mr. King.

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