Ask Nash: Fantasy Value of George Springer For Rest of 2014

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George Springer is starting to come on, which is leading to more and more questions about his trade value. Springer, perhaps the most highly anticipated rookie coming in to the 2014 season, was touted as a counting stat-stuffer with his only knock in traditional 5×5 hitting categories being batting average.

He earned himself an early call up but then had a brutally slow start to his big league career. His stock rose and fell faster than Megan Fox’s career. However, Springer is starting to heat up and now people have all but snatched him back out of free agency. [table id=750 /]

Right now Springer is showing some potential, but he is young, and still a little raw for such a hyped fantasy prospect. So what is Springer’s value going forward? Well this depends on your league and your end of season expectation.


First: Redraft Leagues

Springer isn’t close to his ceiling, so he doesn’t possess great value in a league where none of the rosters carry over. If you are in the mix in a Roto league and find yourself leaving a little pop, then you might want to consider trading for Springer. I might even give up a guy like Alex Gordon or Brett Gardner for him if I am good on AVG and Steals.

If he is available via free agency of even waiver wire, I would most likely make a play at him whether I were in the mix or not.

In a head to head leagues, I like Springer a little more only because he should give you solid counting stats and I typically punt average in H2H. Also, you could get lucky and get a hot Springer going into playoffs, though you could get an ice cold Springer when you really need him. Head to head can be a crap shoot like that sometimes.


Second: Keeper Leagues

This is where Springer has real value especially if he can be locked up into his prime. There isn’t much change in his value depending on H2H or Roto here, mostly just your situation.

If you are the proud owner of Springer and you are in the mix, he could be a valuable trade chip for a better “win now” guy like Ryan Braun, Carlos Gonzalez, or Jose Bautista. They may have a lingering question or two, but are a little more reliable down the stretch than a rookie. The linchpin here is that you find an owner who is for the most part, already out.

I know what you’re thinking, it is still early enough…NO, no it isn’t still early enough, unless you are in the top third. Not in a roto league, anyway. Head to head is a different animal as long as you can make the playoffs you have a shot.

So if you are an owner that owns one of the guys I mentioned above, or others like them, (ie: Troy Tulowitzki, Albert Pujols), then you may want to hit up the Springer owner in your league.


Springer is more of a slow play, so you will have to have patience with him. For most fantasy owners, that is not a strength. So if you have Springer, and do not want to wait, now is the time to start shopping him.

If you can be patient and build around him, then go get him. It really is as simple as that. To help you decide, I would project stats along these lines for George Springer rest of season: [table id=751 /]


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