Police pull 50 Cent over to make fun of Mets 1st pitch

It was the first pitch heard/seen ’round the world. Memes, jokes, and even GRAPHS have been made to make fun of it, and it hasn’t stopped there.

On Tuesday, rapper 50/Fifty/Fitty/Fiddy Cent threw what has been documented as the worst ceremonial first pitch in the history of first pitches. See the graph in the above link if you don’t believe that. Social Media being what it is, .gifs and videos were immediately made of the perhaps-just-slightly-out-of-the-strike-zone toss. “Cent” took all the jesting and jeering in stride brushing it off because he’s “a hustler, not a damn ball player” on his official Instagram.

The prodding didn’t stop with social media, however, as New York City’s finest, the boys in blue decided to have a little fun with Mr. Cent and poke at the rapper’s attempt at throwing. He went on Good Morning America to explain the incident.

You know what I actually got pulled over by New York City Police. They pulled me over in my car. He pulled me over and I said, “I got my license,” right? Because I was a little nervous. As soon as he pulled me over, I was like “What’d I do?” He said, and then he said, “You know, that pitch was terrible.”

Personally, it’s refreshing to see law enforcement able to joke around with a celebrity like that and be able to make fun of him and not face any sort of retaliation. The scenario is the literal definition of the phrase, “All in good fun.”

As for the pitch? You be the judge. Click here to see 50 Cent’s first pitch. For this writer? I think Carly Rae Jepsen’s is still worse than that. Maybe because 50 Cent’s a hardcore rapper that has survived gunshots and Jepsen is a bubblegum pop star, it’s assumed that Fiddy should have been able to at least throw in a straight line, but feel free to leave your comments to nominate your best worst first pitch.

Here’s Carly Rae’s pitch.