UFC Fight Night 44: Oleksiy Oliynyk explains submission win

Oleksiy Oliynyk got a quick win in the first round over Anthony Hamilton to kick off UFC Fight Night from San Antonio, Texas. The win was earned via a submission, announced to the crowd as a neck crank.

After the fight, Oliynyk looked to clarify that it was not a neck crank.

“I used a special technique tonight that paid off,” Oliynyk said. “It was not a neck crank despite what they announced. It’s actually a position that attacks the diaphragm and makes it very difficult for your opponent to breath.

“I was able to apply a lot of weight on his chest and hold his head in position to prevent any escape. Eventually he was forced to tap due to lack of air. I’m very happy with the win and I look forward to my next bout here in the UFC.”

After the fight Hamilton confirmed Oliynyk’s comments on the submission.

“I didn’t tap because of any pain in my neck it was the pressure on my chest,” Hamilton said. “He was very strong and once I gave up that position and couldn’t get my hips out to escape I was in trouble. Eventually I had to submit because my airway was constricted.”

A tough loss for Hamilton in a fight where both fighters were making their UFC debut.