EA Sports skates to perfection with NHL 15 demo

It has been a busy week for Electronic Arts.  The sports division of the company has rolled out two very highly anticipated titles in some form or another.

After bouncing back from an ugly snafu with EA Access, Madden 15 launched Tuesday to rave reviews, as well as NHL 15 unveiling its demo to the world.

While both of these titles already have a significant following of their own, the success isn’t the surprise, but instead, how well both games were done.

Obviously with Madden 15, the game has been talked about plenty already.  The AI as a whole has been much improved and has since created a much more enjoyable experience.

In NHL 15, and while it is simply a demo, EA Sports has sniped a shot directly into the back of the net.  In its first go round with a hockey game on current generation platforms, EA Sports bring NHL 15 to the ice with the gloves off.

Whatever presentation factors have been introduced across Madden or NBA 2K titles previously, NHL 15 blows them out of the water.  With a lifelike NBC Sports presentation layout, NHL 15 has you feeling “In the Game” before the puck is even dropped.  The crisp feeling of the control on the ice, as well as the visuals both between the boards and throughout the stadium is unparalleled.

NHL 15 is just a demo at this point, however, that typically worst against a games favor.  The standard procedure is to hold gripes from a demo until the final version is released at a later date.  At this point, NHL 15 looks and plays so beautifully as a demo, it would be just fine if the same game is released as is.

Look for NHL 15 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 on September 9.