Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads drops to his knees while arguing call (GIF)

paul rhoades

Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads is known for being animated on the sidelines, but this might be taking that whole thing a little far.

Rhoads got very upset with the officials after one of his players was hit with a targeting penalty in the first quarter of Iowa State’s game against North Dakota State. Judging by the tweets about the play, a lot of folks think the player led with his shoulder and should not have been penalized for targeting.

Rhoads may be trying to demonstrate something to the ref or he may just be dropping to his knees to beg for them to reverse the call. Or it’s possible that he got so emotional his knees plain went out on him.

Whatever the case, Rhoads is obviously a man of immense feeling who isn’t afraid to let that feeling wash over him in a game situation.

Unfortunately officials are completely immune to such displays of raw human passion. They don’t care how much Paul Rhoads cares. They’re not going to reverse the call.

But nice try. And it made for a highly amusing visual.

If Rhoads is getting that crazy in the first quarter of the first game, he’s going to be a total wreck by the end of the season.

[GIF via SB Nation]