Kawhi Leonard and Rob Dyrdek play basketball with huge novelty hands (Video)

Kawhi Leonard’s popularity outside of basketball has skyrocketed since his incredible NBA Finals performance that garnered him the MVP of the series once the Spurs defeated the Heat in 5 games.

Among his many appearances on late night television, reality series, and sports programs, Kawhi made his way to Rob Dyrdek’s fantasy factory to play some basketball with the comedian and skateboarder.

If you have ever watched Dyrdek, however, you know that nothing is every ordinary when it comes to activities and you can always expect something wild and hilarious.

So, what better way to play basketball with Leonard other than with arming yourself with gigantic novelty hands and an equally large novelty basketball? The answer is there is absolutely no better way.

Watch the hilarious video below in which Dyrdek tries numerous different ways to get the gigantic basketball into the hoop, but fails miserably. The best part? Leonard nails a shot on his first attempt.

The NBA should consider having somewhat of a novelty offseason league where the teams are forced to play with the huge ball, hands, and hoop just because that would be can’t miss television. Disagree? Well one man can only hope.