NHL 15 gets first wave of new content

When NHL 15 was release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, gamers were pretty upset about the lack of content that was delivered with the game. Despite a solid presentation feel, and uptick in gameplay, the game just seemed skin and bones. Now EA Sports is coming through with their first wave of new content.

The first content patch includes:

Playoff Mode
A playoff bracket can be compiled with up to 16 teams. Teams can come from the NHL or up to 12 other leagues no included in NHL 15. On top of the teams being included, stat tracking will take place throughout each indivdual tournament, regardless if games are played or simulated.

Be a Pro – Coach Feedback
As with previous years of Be A Pro, coaches will now offer feedback after you return to the bench following each shift. Utilizing the feedback to improve your play, will give you a better grade at the end of each game. Scoring high grades on Position, Team Play, and Stats will allow you to advance through the organizational ranks.

Three Stars
Each game will conclude with the introduction of the three stars and their statistical performance.

Ultimate Team
Navigation has been improved through the HUT menu layout.
New animations have been added for player items.
Improvements made to line editing that allows users to better see injuries and contract situations.

While it definitely wasn’t a good thing that NHL 15 was left without so many features, it is definitely good by EA Sports to follow through on improvements for the game.

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