Michigan coach Brady Hoke: I feel bad Shane Morris has to go through this

Although there is a huge weekend of college football action coming up this week, all of the attention is on the Michigan Wolverines football program at the moment and the events that took place this Saturday. After what appeared to be quarterback Shane Morris suffering a concussion, he was allowed back into the game to play a down.

Since the incident, things have been all over the place, with head coach Brady Hoke stating on Monday that he was unaware that Morris looked wobbly out there. Then, hours later early on Tuesday morning, AD Dave Brandon mentioned that Morris had been diagnosed with a mild concussion on Sunday. Of course, conflicting stories.

Well on Tuesday Hoke was speaking to the media once again, and while he declined to comment on the statement that was released by Brandon on Tuesday, he did note that he feels badly for his young sophomore quarterback in all of this.

“I feel bad that Shane has had to go through this situation,” Hoke said.

Now no matter who knew what and how much they knew, the fact of the matter is that a young man was thrust out onto the football field in a dangerous state and everyone should be thankful that he wasn’t banged up even more.

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