Over and Back – 1999 NBA Jerseys

photo credit: Monkeyy78 via photopin cc

We’re talking 1999 NBA jerseys! After hours of exhaustive scientific research (no, seriously), Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch have determined 1999 is the absolute worst year for NBA jerseys. The next natural step is to rank these from best to worst and that’s what this episode is all about. Jason and Rich discuss our voting methods, who was the best jersey that year, the worst, when the trend of bad jerseys began, the deal with gold, pinstripes and teal. Discussions also include teams switching jerseys after a championship, Rich’s distaste for the Los Angeles Lakers jerseys, the jerseys we most differed on, logos with movement and so much more.

Download our Google Doc for insights on ranking as well as photos of all the 1999 jerseys: