The Walking Dead: The escape from Terminus (GIF)

The group attempts to make their escape from Terminus in tonight’s Season Premiere of The Walking Dead.

The moment that everyone had been waiting for has finally arrived! Tonight is the Season Five Premiere of the AMC Original Series The Walking Dead, and needless to say it got off to quite a start.

First, we watched as the people of Terminus began mercilessly and bloodily murdering people as if there was absolutely nothing to it. Thankfully, before Glenn was able to be the next person in line to meet his fate, there was something rather distracting going on outside.

Thanks to Carol and not only her zombie decorating skills, but her knowledge of explosions and sharpshooting that allowed for what was about to happen next.

Now that everyone was in chaos over the explosion, Rick and the rest of the group were able to start their attempt to make it out of the “Sanctuary For All.”

Back in the slaughterhouse, Rick makes quick work of two in the room. Showing a glimpse of the Rick we wished we had seen a long time ago, Rick mercilessly stabs one in the neck before dispatching of the other one.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

 Once outside, Glenn opens the door to one of the train cars looking for the rest of their companions. Unfortunately, this is far from what they found. The first thing that comes out of the car is a crazy, tattoed man who attempts to attack Glenn.

When he shifts his attention to Rick, he suddenly meets with something that he certainly wasn’t expecting.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

As they make their way towards the exit, Rock ducks down and hides behind an old car. While his attention is turned somewhere else, a walker sneaks up on him. Thankfully, Daryl was there to save the day.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Finally, they are almost home free when Rick grabs a hold of one of the remaining humans and takes them down to steal their weapon, using it to mow down a group of walkers clearing the way for Daryl and him to escape.

When next we see them, they have already been met by a hungry walker.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

This has certainly been one of the most bloody episodes we have seen thus far. If this is the way that the season is going to begin, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us coming up.

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