Kyrie Irving Finds LeBron James For The Alley-Oop (Video)

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Kyrie Irving found LeBron James on the break for a beautiful alley-oop as the Cavaliers get tuned up for the start of the NBA season.

The narrative of LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers has been constructed around him coming home. Not far behind that factor, however, was speculation that LeBron felt he did not have enough help in Miami.

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Don’t call it a “Big Three,” but LeBron James has joined up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the Cavaliers. The development did not happen in that order, however, as the Cavaliers had to trade for Love after James had returned. Whatever you want to say about the Heat team that LeBron left behind, he has plenty of talent around him in Cleveland.

Friday night saw a beautiful breakaway play with Irving and James, as Irving found James for an alley-oop and a huge throw-down.

The best part of this highlight has to be Monta Ellis. He found himself in a precarious position as the lone defender in a 2-on-1 that involved Irving and James. He took one look at the runaway train that was LeBron James and chose to try and take a charge against Irving instead. To no avail.

Say what you will, but watching LeBron and Dwyane Wade running the break was one of the best things in the NBA during LeBron’s tenure with the Heat. James should pick up where he left off in Cleveland, running the floor with Irving and receiving outlet passes from Kevin Love to boot.

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