NFL Logo Pancake Art: Perfect Breakfast Recipe Ideas

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Editors Note: This piece originally ran in 2014. But we’re bringing it back in honor of National Pancake Day.

Collection of Every NFL logo recreated as Pancake Art make the Perfect Breakfast Recipe for the ultimate fan. Start Sundays w/NFL Logo Pancakes.

Lazy Sunday afternoon, with not a care in the world other than hoping your favorite NFL team can just win, baby. We all enjoy the National Football League a little more when our favorite team walks away victorious.

But what about a little something extra? Well, how about starting that picture perfect day off with some fresh pancakes? The breakfast of champions.

Now, what about making those pancakes into your favorite NFL team’s logo? Sounds difficult, but it can be done. Matter of fact, videos by Nathan Shields of will show you exactly how to pull this off.

With a little TLC, you can turn your breakfast pan into a canvas and create some incredible NFL art. It’s a fun new way to watch your team’s logo come to life.

On the following pages, you will be able to check out your favorite team’s pancake logo video. If you had to keep eating your screw ups before getting the pancake right, how full would you be before getting your team’s logo correct on a scale of 1-5 stacks of pancakes?


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

How Full Will I Be When I Get This Rightpancakepancakepancakepancakehalfpancake


Cincinnati Bengals

How Full Will I Be When I Get This Rightpancakepancakepancakehalfpancake


Cleveland Browns

How Full Will I Be When I Get This Rightpancakepancakepancakepancakepancake


Pittsburgh Steelers

How Full Will I Be When I Get This Right:  pancakepancakepancakepancakehalfpancake

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