Joe Namath, Lee Corso Become Fur Coat Buddies On College GameDay (Photo)

Joe Namath stopped by ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday and he brought along his famous fur coat — because why wouldn’t he?

Joe Namath is a legend in the NFL for his years with the New York Jets but he’s also still an icon at his alma matter down in Tuscaloosa. The former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback cut his teeth at Alabama and has returned for today’s Iron Bowl matchup against Auburn.

Of course, what’s a Joe Namath appearance without his totally Joe Namath fur coat? Just like his lovely locks back in the 1960s, Broadway Joe has made his fur coat as much a part of his legend as everything else about him.

Lee Corso, being the most youthful member of the GameDay crew, despite his age, wasn’t about to let Namath come onto the set and wear a fur coat alone.

You know, because that would just be craziness we can’t handle this early on a Saturday.

Namath and Alabama have deep ties and the Iron Bowl is always a fun game to watch. Alabama is back at No. 1 in the college football playoff rankings and you have to believe that Auburn is angling for another upset like they had last year.

That wasn’t in Tuscaloosa though, and if Joe Namath’s fur coat has anything to say about it then there will be no upsets had on Saturday.