Revolution’s AJ Soares Picks Up Galaxy Goalkeeper To Just Shove Him Back Down

New England Revolution defender A.J. Soares picks up Los Angeles Galaxy goal keeper Jaime Penedo just to shove him down again in the MLS Cup Final.

The New England Revolution and the Los Angeles Galaxy squared off in the MLS Cup on Sunday. The storyline was filled with fans hoping to see Galaxy superstar Landon Donovan leave on a high note with a win, but the game was forced to overtime.

The Revolution began to lose their composure in extra time and it might have been best captured by this interesting incident. With Galaxy goalkeeper Jaime Penedo lying on the ground, Revolution defender A.J. Soares came over to help him up.

And by help him up, we mean seemingly pick him up even though he wasn’t ready to stand up.

Then Soares goes all WWE heel by shoving Penedo right back down to the ground. The best part is United States national men’s team star Jermaine Jones look of shock after witnessing all that unfold right in front of his eyes.