Anna Kendrick Sings Her Heart Out In Trailer For ‘The Last Five Years’ (Video)


Anna Kendrick has the attention of the entertainment world as she sings all the way through this intriguing trailer for the movie adaptation of ‘The Last Five Years.’

This very well might be the trailer for a film adaptation of a Broadway musical that appeals to all audiences. Under consideration is the trailer for the adaptation of ‘The Last Five Years’ starring Anna Kendrick.

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For one thing, Kendrick can parlay the popularity of ‘Pitch Perfect’ into a more robust audience for a film that might normally get overlooked. For those who know, this is an adaptation of a Broadway show from a Tony Award winning writer. That will create excitement in another group. Finally, there is a well-produced trailer and the power of the internet to start to build interest for the movie.

Besides, who doesn’t love Anna Kendrick, honestly?

We all knew Anna Kendrick could sing, but she really proves it in this trailer and in this movie in the starring role.

Check out the awesome trailer below. Yes, even you, Mr. “I don’t like musical adaptations.”

The musical as presented on the big screen can be a hit or miss proposition, but here’s betting that the early returns for this one will be people interested in seeing ‘The Last Five Years.’

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