Charlie Sheen To Return To Two And A Half Men?


Ashton Kutcher appeared on Ellen and could hardly keep a straight face when asked if Charlie Sheen would be returning to Two and a Half Men before the series finale in February.

If you have a secret to keep, maybe don’t confide in Ashton Kutcher. Or maybe assume that Warner Brothers hatched an elaborate scheme to let slip that Charlie Sheen will reprise his role on the CBS series Two and a Half Men before the series finale on February 19. Either way, it appears that after an acrimonious parting between actor and network, the two will likely re-unite for a short stint.

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You can find the interview on Ellen here. When asked about the script for the show’s stretch run, Kutcher said, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it. I’m scared. Yeah, I’m a little terrified.”

Ellen pressed, asking if Sheen returned, to which Kutcher replied, “If you’re working on the Warner Bros. lot, if there’s sirens, come save me.”

“So Charlie comes back,” Ellen concludes, which prompts applause from the audience and zero denials from Kutcher.

So there you have it. Charlie Sheen is coming back and CBS really wants you to know about it, even if they don’t want to officially announce it.

It would be the first time since 2011 that Sheen appeared on the show that he helped build into a network powerhouse. His conduct on and off set was cited as the main reason for his being fired by CBS, prompting a wild resurgence of Charlie Sheen on Twitter, among other places. Years later, the two sides appear ready to move forward and see their cash cow off in proper fashion.

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