Disney World Begins Accepting Mobile Payments


Pay With Your Phone If You’d Like

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Own an Android phone or iPhone? Have Kids? Going to Disney World? Then you may be able to start paying for items with your phone on Dec. 24 when Disney World starts accepting mobile contactless payments.

You will be able to buy food, drinks, and gear throughout the park, but will need to break out your old, geriatric payment methods if a terminal is not available.  The Big D is currently only offering this in Disney World, but is planning to roll out this service in Disney Land in 2015.

Mobile payments have been on the rise as of late. What’s that? You aren’t familiar with contactless mobile payments? It allows you to make purchases with your phone instead of you debit card. This has many added benefits such as being much more secure.

Each transaction creates an individual “token” that is only used for that transaction as opposed to having a set of numbers stamped on your card. This means that even if this token were to get skimmed and decrypted, it would only be tied to that particular transaction and not your account as a whole.

Google has had this technology for a few years in Google Wallet whereas Apple only jumped onboard earlier this year with Apple Pay. It’s a fantastic bit of technology. You’ll need to check with phone manufacturer and carrier to see if they support it, but most of the newer phones do. After that, be on the lookout at any stores you shop at.

There’s a good chance they support this already.

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