Diego Maradona’s daughter blocked her dad from dating Salma Hayak


Diego Maradona’s daughter, Delma, tells how she ruined her father’s night with actress Salma Hayak.

Worst. Daughter. Ever.

I’m sure that’s what Diego Maradona was thinking when her daughter, Dalma, completely ruined her father’s chances with stunningly gorgeous actress, Salma Hayak.

Recently, Delma Maradona was on a TV show called Arrob@n and shared a very interesting story about her Argentinian soccer-star father.

She begins the story by telling us that her father and herself were at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival when Javier Bardem and Salma Hayak arrived. Delma was an aspiring actress at the time, so she went over to talk to Javier. While they were talking, she looked back for her dad and saw Diego dancing with Salma Hayak. She left it alone for the time being, I guess thinking maybe her father was just being gentlemanly and asking her for a dance. However, an hour passed and they were still getting down, so Delma decided to do something about it.

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She approached her father and told her that she was very tired and that they had to leave. Diego apparently glared at her in a way that only you can imagine Diego Maradona could glare at you. It’s kind of scary when you think about it.

She then proceeds to tell the show that Diego tried to fool her by going to bed with all his clothes still on, including his shoes. He was hoping to wait until Delma was asleep for the night and then sneak back out to meet up with Ms. Hayak again. However, he only fooled himself, as he ended up falling asleep himself, thus ending his night.

Delma concluded her story with a simple ‘I screwed up his night with Salma Hayak.’ Almost like she’s proud of it.

Well, I guess it is something to be proud of. I mean, how many people can say they cock-blocked their father or friend or whoever from getting with Salma Hayak. That’s definitely an accomplishment.

Still, what a horrible thing to do. I understand it’s her father and maybe she didn’t want to see him getting involved with another woman, but it’s Salma Hayak. I think that earns Diego a pass, don’t you think Dalma?

You can see the video of her telling the funny tale here.

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