Bill Belichick makes fun of little girl’s hair (Video)

Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick calls out little girl for her hair bow.

Earlier this week, Kristin Cavallari reminded us of the crapstorm that ensues when Dads are put in charge.


And now Bill Belichick has done the same…

At Super Bowl Media Day, the New England Patriots head coach was taking questions from “the media.” Belichick switched roles and asks a questions to an adorable onlooker, Chya Mayo. Then awkwardness ensues…

Belichick should stick to calling plays and not judging little girls’ hair styles. Chya owned that hair bow. Keep on doing you, honey. I know I couldn’t rock that the way she did.

I think her giggle demonstrates the perfect response. You know that fake laugh everyone does when someone they hate tells a joke? That’s exactly what she dropped on Bill Belichick. And it’s classy as hell.

Belichick was probably really trying to take a jab at the Chya’s father, Patriots’ linebacker Jerod Mayo. But Chya is way too adorable to include in such a feeble attempt.

Personally, I think someone should start a blog that follows Chya’s hairtstyles. It definitely helps that she’s so stinkin’ adorable too.

She’s used to wielding a microphone and she gets down to the serious questions. Like how Devin McCourty likes “bananas with turtles in it.”

Hopefully dissing more children is not part of Belichick’s preparation for the Super Bowl.