SNL 40: Adam Sandler brings back Opera Man

SNL 40 honored the best of the best from the entire 40 years of  the show — which meant an epic Weekend Update. 


Saturday Night Live has been on for 40 years — that right there is enough to honor the series. But the comedic production of the show and the stars and moments that have been created from the show are unmatchable and that’s why this anniversary is such a big deal.

One of those classic moments involved Adam Sandler and his character Opera Man, who debuted back in the mid 90s run for the show. But the character wasn’t dead and gone forever, as Sandler brought him back for SNL 40 and it was absolutely fantastic.

SNL is known for being a sketch comedy show, but they’ve nailed the musical comedy just as much as they have the the sketch comedy — which sometimes blends into one fit of genius.

That was the case so many times over the 40 years history of the show and it’s still the case today. As we were taken through the musical journey of SNL, we were reminded that the show is as hilarious with the music as it is with the satire — which, again, is often times the same thing.