First look at Mad Men final season photos


Final season of AMC show Mad Men starts April 5, and some photos from the show have been released.

It’s 2015, which unfortunately seems to mean that the best shows on TV are all ending. Parks & Recreation rides off into the sunset on Feb. 24, and Mad Men will follow in the spring.

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Continuing the bizarre tradition AMC started with Breaking Bad, Mad Men’s seventh and final season has been “split into two halves,” with one airing last spring and the other following this coming spring. (Also: come on, just call them two different seasons. Also, if you want two seasons maybe you should order two seasons, AMC).

Now the first photos from the upcoming season have been released. Let’s take a tour through them, and I will provide some (completely off-base) predictions on What They Mean.

What It All Means: Well I think we know it’s the ’70s in the final season. Also, sideburns! It means they’re still doing that weird thing where Pete Campbell’s hairline recedes, even though that’s not actually happening to the actor. Although, maybe the sideburns are actually part of a string of infectious diseases that have infiltrated the offices of Sterling Cooper And, Uh, All Those Other People. Knowing they only have months to live, Roger and Pete start a meth business, and… oh wait, that was Breaking Bad.

What It All Means: Here’s Roger and Joan, and hey look, some other people! Harry Crane is still alive! Ken Cosgrove still has an eyepatch! They look like they’re at some kind of wedding. Ross and Rachel’s maybe? We never did get to see that.

What It All Means: Don and Peggy get together! Look at those crazy kids, alone together in the same photo! It’s destiny!*

*Never do this, Mad Men. You’re better than that.

What It All Means: There’s no real reason that all these people would be sitting here together. Plus, Megan is dressed like someone who comes to you in a dream in the ’70s. Clearly, this means that Bob Newhart will wake up in the finale from a dream he had.*

*Don’t do this either.

The full gallery of photos is available here. Until it airs, we have six weeks to continue to speculate wildly!

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